Stage 1

Build Your Skills Database using any of AssessMe's assessment tools


  • Skillsworq - a simple to configure skills audit tool that can be used to build a database of skills and competences. Can be used for individual self assessment or more conventional self and line manager assessment.

  • Performworq - a 180/360/540 assessment tool that can provide 360 style assessments with an option to create workbooks and personal development plans.

  • Frameworq - a tailorable assessment tool for the corporate sector. Includes all the features of Skillsworq and Performworq but also has an extensive range of options to meet a wide range of special organisational requirements.

Stage 2

Create The Candidate Profile and "Mine" Your Skills Database


  • Decide what are the essential skills required and any that are desirable but not essential
  • Create the skills profile of the "employee" you are looking for
  • Decide whether to search the whole organisation or particular sector
  • Run the Talent Mining search
  • If the search brings back too many or too few then you can fine tune your search profile as required
  • The whole process can be done in a few minutes